47th & 48th Know India Programme (KIP) Press Releases and Announcements

47th & 48th Know India Programme (KIP)

Press Release

47th & 48th Know India Programme (KIP)

The Government of India will be conducting the following ‘Know India Programme’ (KIP) spanning a period of 25 days to familiarize Indian diaspora youth with India’s culture, heritage and also with contemporary India:



Partner state

47th KIP

25 September to 19 October, 2018

Tamil Nadu

48th KIP

25 October to 18 November, 2018

Manipur & Mizoram

2.  KIP is a short orientation programme for Malaysian youth of Indian origin for promoting awareness on different facets of life in India as well as to see the progress made in various sectors such as Economic, Industrial, Education, Science & Technology, Communication & Information Technology and Culture. It is also a unique forum for students and young professionals of Indian origin to share their views, expectations & experiences and to develop closer bonds with contemporary India.

3.  The KIP is open to Malaysian youth of Indian origin in the age group 18 to 30 years, who have not visited India before. Non-Resident Indian (NRIs) i.e. Indian nationals residing abroad are not eligible to apply for this programme.

4.  The content of the programme broadly includes the following:

  1. Presentations on India, its political process as well as developments in various sectors.
  2. Interaction with faculty and students at a prestigious University / College / Institute.
  3. Presentation on the industrial development and visits to some Industries / factories.
  4. Visit to a village to better understand the typical village life.
  5. Exposure to Indian media.
  6. Interaction with NGOs and organisations dealing with women affairs.
  7. Visit to places of historical importance / monuments.
  8. Taking part in cultural programmes.
  9. Call on high dignitaries, including President of India, Chief Election Commissioner of India, Comptroller and Auditor General of India, Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs, Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports, and other dignitaries.

5.  Applicants for this programme should either be a Graduate or pursuing Graduation and should be well versed in English language (they should have studied English as a subject at the High School level or should have English as a medium of instruction for undergraduate course). They must not have participated in any previous KIP or Internship Programme for Diaspora Youth (IPDY) or Study India Programme (SIP) or any other programme organized and paid for by the Government of India. The applicant should submit proof of Indian Origin such as their PIO / OCI card, or their parents/grandparents. Those who don’t have the PIO / OCI card can submit a signed ‘Declaration of Indian Origin’ along with the relevant documents to show that their ancestors originated from India.

6.  The candidate must have taken a mandatory travel and overseas medical insurance for the duration of the visit in India. They have to pay 10% of the air ticket cost to the Indian High Commission, and give a signed written undertaking that he/she will reimburse to the Indian High Commission the amount spent on airfare by the Government of India, if he / she does not complete the KIP. Only then will they be provided the visa and air ticket.

7.  The selected candidates will be provided following hospitality / facilities in India:

  1. Local hospitality i.e. boarding/lodging in State Guest Houses or budget hotels.
  2. Internal travel as per the Programme.
  3. Daily pocket allowance.
  4. Gratis Visa by the Indian High Commission, Kuala Lumpur.
  5. Economy class return air ticket from Malaysia to India.

8.  The application for the KIP has to be done online at <www.kip.gov.in>. Applicants can indicate their preference online for the 47thor 48th KIP. The last date to apply online for the 47th & 48th KIP is 15 July 2018. The final list of the participants for the 47th & 48th KIP would be drawn up by 7th August 2018.


16th May 2018