Post-arrival in Malaysia

Post-arrival in Malaysia

1. Passport:

  • Please keep your passport with you. If your employer takes it for some procedural requirement for a substantial period of time, please hand it over in writing. If the employer confiscates your passport against your will, please report it to the High Commission of India.

  • DO NOT give your Passport signed by you in India to any unknown person.

  • Loss of passport/VISA makes your stay illegal in Malaysia for which you may be arrested and accordingly prosecuted and sent back to India. As soon as you lose the passport, contact the High Commission immediately.

2. Address & contact number: Immediately after arrival in Malaysia, you should give your complete residential address and contact numbers in Malaysia to your family in India

3. Work Contract: DO NOT sign any other Employment Contract or any blank paper during your stay in Malaysia. DO NOT give your Passport and copy of work contract signed by you in India to any unknown person.

4. Agents: Never believe agents who claim they will convert your tourist VISA to a work permit in Malaysia. Please report the details of such Indian/Malaysian agents (Name, address, contact numbers to the High Commission of India on <> . Anonymous mail may not be entertained so please give your full details and contact number while reporting such cases.

5. Employers:

  • If you cannot locate your foreign employer after you arrive in Malaysia, contact the High Commission of India immediately.

  • Please open a savings bank account in Malaysia and insist your employer to transfer your salary into the bank account.

  • Purchase of return tickets on completion of contract, settlement of outstanding wages, payment of levies, medical insurance are the responsibility of the employer. If the employer misguides you in these cases or beats/harasses you, please report to the High Commission of India at 006-03 40248080 and/or write on <>

6. Illegal Activities:

  • DO NOT strike work or resort to agitations. These are illegal under local labour laws. You could be arrested, imprisoned and also deported.

  • Creating ruckus under intoxicated state or driving under intoxicated state is illegal in Malaysia.

  • If you possess, use, or traffic in illegal drugs in Malaysia, you will be sentenced to long prison sentences and heavy fines. Malaysian legislation provides for a mandatory death penalty for convicted drug traffickers.