Advisory on fake videos.

Advisory on fake videos.

High Commission of India

Kuala Lumpur


1. It is noticed that a video purportedly from Indonesia has been circulating on social media which attempts to create disharmony by spreading rumours of violence having been perpetrated in Delhi and surrounding areas.

2. Our High Commission in Indonesia has already issued an advisory in this regard, which may be seen at :-

3. Given the nature of social media, where one rumour, when shared among hundreds, acquires a proportion which is completely at variance with the reality, it is advised that such messages may NOT be shared or circulated without first verifying with the sender if he/ she has first-hand information. You may please seek complete details of the location of alleged incident, the time of incident etc. from the sender of the information.

4. Some individuals/organizations may be misguided by the false, incomplete and distorted information being shared on various social media platforms.

5. We urge all to be aware of the false and malicious videos shared on social media in this regard.


5 March 2020