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Working Conditions In Malaysia

Working Conditions In Malaysia

Indian workers are advised to talk to people who are either working in Malaysia or have worked in Malaysia in the recent past to know about the living conditions in Malaysia. There are currently restrictions on the number of foreign workers a Malaysian company can employ. If any Malaysian company intends to hire foreign workers, then they will have to prove to the government that the potential employee and their position are of vital importance and the job cannot be filled by a local.  Five sectors - Manufacturing, Plantation, Agriculture, Construction, Services - are open for employment for Indian workers in Malaysia. Do not come to Malaysia with pre-conceived notions, kindly consult people working in the company to know about working conditions in Malaysia. Indian workers must aware of following information:

  • Unless the sponsor co-operates, it is extremely difficult to get exit visa to return to India and you may have to fight long legal battle/ stay in deportation centre/jail to get exit from Malaysia.
  • In case of dispute with the employer, before the employer declares you as absconding from work, please approach the nearby Police Station/Labour Office after consulting the High Commission (and your recruiting agent if you have recently arrived in Malaysia) over phone.
  • Strike by workers is illegal in Malaysia.
  • A copy of your passport, the details of the sponsor/company and the recruiting agent in India/ Malaysia (name, full address, telephone/fax numbers), contact numbers of friends/relatives residing in Malaysia should be with you when you arrive in Malaysia. It is advisable to leave a copy of all these details with your family in India also before travelling to Malaysia.
  • Immediately after arrival in Malaysia, you should give your complete residential address and contact numbers in Malaysia to your family in India.
  • You must be thoroughly acquainted with all this and you must not come to Malaysia only on the basis of what your Recruiting Agent tells you.
  • Indian workers are strongly advised not to work illegally in Malaysia, as it will lead to arrest, detention and very high fines.
  • The problem of illegal migration from India to Malaysia persists and many of those who are arriving on tourist visa/e-visa through informal channels in order to get employment are more vulnerable for exploitation of employers
  • Tourist visa holders are not allowed to hold any job in Malaysia when they arrive on ‘Social Visit pass’ (tourist visa).   Foreign nationals intending to work in Malaysia must obtain any one of the work visas: Employment pass, Professional visit pass or Resident pass.
  • Obtaining a work permit for Malaysia is often a lengthy and complicated process; however, choosing to work without a valid work permit is not an option due to Malaysia’s strict laws. 



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