1. Casket Company


Consent letter from Casket Company on its Letter Head along with details of deceased, flight and receiver (ID proof & contact no.) of the mortal remains in India CLICK HERE for Letter Sample.


Death Register from Hospital (Black & White photocopy for legibility)


JPN Death Certificate from Malaysian Government.


Deceased Passport Original (to be cancelled and returned) along with a copy of passport and VISA. (Please mention on the passport photocopy the status of the passport/residential status of the deceased i.e. Original / Lost / With permit / Resident Permit

● If with permit:


Company’s authorization letter in r/o Casket Company on its letter head (sample attached) along with details i.e. Company Name, Owner Name, Phone Number, Passport / Blue IC /Red IC

● If without permit:


Authorization letter duly notarized from family member in r/o Casket Company with details of family member and proof of relationship.


In case of unnatural death:

Police Report along with English translation( Unnatural Death - Murder, Suicide, Accident, Road Accident, Industrial, Accident, Drowning)

2. Family members:


Notarized affidavit from next of KIN (details to be put carefully with regard to names, relationship with the deceased etc. exactly as per the document )


Proof of Relationship with the deceased (Copy of Aadhar card / Birth Certificate / Family Card / School Transfer Certificate or other government issued certificates or certificate from Gram Panchayat)


NOTE: i) Please complete the documents carefully; incomplete documents or mistakes may lead to undesired delay.
ii) Police report for loss of Passport must be compulsorily submitted if the deceased's passport is lost.
iii) Working days for issuance of NOC / Death Registration / Release of body certificates are same day or next working day after submission of complete/relevant documents to High Commission of India, KL.
iv) For any queries, please drop an email to or contact us at +603-4024 3636 (Direct Line) / +603-4024 0990 (Ext No. 415)