Consular/Visa Services

New Guidelines for attestation of Employment document

1. All Malaysian employers who intend to employ Indian workers are advised to note that from 1st January, 2013  revised guidelines will be in force.

2. Under the revised guidelines it will be mandatory for all Malaysian employers to execute an Employment Contract in the revised format. For the new format of the Employment Contract and EMI form as well as other essential documents, click here.

3. It will also be mandatory for all Malaysian employers to have each employment contract attested by the High Commission of India prior to the submission of the contract and other documents to the Protector General of Emigrants in India. In the absence of this attestation by the High Commission, Indian nationals whose passports bear the endorsement "Emigration Check Required" will not be granted clearance by the Indian authorities and will not consequently be permitted to travel to Malaysia for work.

4. Malaysian employers are also requested to note that the recommended minimum wage structure for Indian workers will be as follows


Restaurant Workers  -  (RM 1000/- per month)
Construction Workers  -  (RM 1000/- per month)
General Workers  -  (RM 1000/- per month)
Plantation Workers including Farm Workers  -  (RM 1000/- per month)

i) Skilled workers of all trades :RM 1300/- per month


i) Maid: RM 1400/- per month.