For Indian nationals

  • Duly Completed Online Application Form- CLICK HERE  
  • Duly filled up Personal Particular Form CLICK HERE
  • 1 recent photograph with size ( 5 cm x 5 cm) - white background
  • Copy of passport (first page, last page and current valid visa page).
  • Original passport need to be presented for scrutiny
  • PCC will only be issued after receipt of fresh police verification on the PCC application. This will apply to all categories of applicants. Applicants are advised to apply well ahead of time as issue of PCCs would only be done after due police verification..

For foreign nationals

  • Duly Completed EAP 2 Form - CLICK HERE. 
  • 2 recent photograph with size ( 5 cm x 5 cm) - white background
  • Proforma giving details of stay in India and date of registration with FRRO ( PDF 3)
  • Copies of all relevant documents / approval from FFRO regarding registration / extension of stay in India.
  • Copies of passport pages with arrival / departure stamps during the period for which PCC is being requested.
  • In case of foreign nationals, process may take between 2-3 months depending upon the clearance from concerned authorities in India. Police Clearance Certificate will be issued only for the period spent in India after obtaining confirmation / clearance from the original Passport Issuing Authority (PIA).
  • Original passport need to submit during the submission.
  • Submission at BLS International Limited with prior appointment CLICK HERE