Student Visa Guidelines

  • Students seeking student visa should apply in person at the India Visa Application Centre.
  • Minimum 5 working days are required for processing of student visa.
  • Student Visa would be issued only for government approved institutions.
  • Student visa fee is the same irrespective of the duration (maximum is 5 years). The visa duration is subject to discretion.  A short-term Provisional student visa would be issued, if the admission has not been confirmed.
  • Students need to register within 14 days of entering India with the nearest Foreigners Regional Registration Officer (FRRO) to get the Residential Permit to stay in India.
  • Students should seek extension for their student visa in India, by applying to the respective FRRO, at least 60 days before expiry of their student visas.
  • Abstain from frequent to and fro travel to India, as a student visa allows only 3 entries in a year.
  • Upon completion of the studies/ if more than 3 entries to India have been made in a year, an Exit Permit from the FRRO has to be obtained before departure.
  • Overstaying in India after the visa expiry could lead to blacklisting by the Bureau of Immigration, and subsequently a break in the studies.

Documents Required:

  • For fresh admission to undergraduate courses, an Equivalence Certificate has to be obtained from the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) [not applicable for the Twinning / Off-shore Programme].
  • Original Admission Letter (for fresh admission) / Original ‘Bonafide Student Certificate’ from India. [if Twinning / Off-shore Programme, the Admission Letters / Bonafide Student Certificates should be obtained from both India and Malaysia]
  • Proof of good financial capability (>RM10,000 in bank balance or FD) / Letter from sponsor.